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BIG NEWS!! WE HIT #1 on the charts!

We moved to the top of the 13 under 13 charts on Sirius XM Kids Place Live! If you want to request to hear "Dare To Be Me":

Call 1-866-328-2345 with your kids!

kidsplacelive@siriusxm.com - Email on behalf of your kid OR the grownup who drives them!

Visit http://www.kidsplacelive.com/


Click here to watch our official music video for "Dare To Be Me!"  While you're there, be sure to click SUBSCRIBE!  LOTS of fun things coming your way!

I have no words for this.  It is amazing on so many levels I don't know where to start!! 

You MUST watch this with the sound on!! A "Dare To Be Me" FAMILY?? YES. Yes, please.

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Celebrating #1!

My amazing 'Magnificent 7" kindergarten room moms surprised me with these AMAZINGLY delicious and AWESOME cookies to celebrate "Dare To Be Me" hitting #1 on the Kids Place Live 13 under 13 charts! My producer, co-writer, and lead singer of The Happy Racers, Nathan Meckel came over for dinner so we could celebrate!

Need some special cookies for someone? Check out "I Knead Cookies" and contact shanjohnson19@gmail.com. She's in Nashville but she ships! Tell her I dared you to contact her!! ;)

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Dare To Be Me TEES! 

Oh my goodness gracious look at all the awesomeness in this photo!! This is only a sampling of all of the amazing pictures showcasing not only our great Tees but the unique individuals wearing them!!

Do you need a tee? Yes. Yes you do. You can choose Baseball or Short-sleeve Ringer style, and we have youth AND adult sizes! Just send me a shout at kacibollskids@gmail.com and let me know what you need! Put I NEED A TEE in the subject....or something kinda like that. ;)

The first time I heard "Dare To Be Me" on the radio...CAPTURED on video! 

I was driving back from a quick visit to my mom's home in Kentucky, listening to Channel 78, Kids Place Live and just enjoying all the really great family friendly music there is! One of my current favorites is Saul Paul, "I Am Enough." It's so uplifting and I think he is a really wonderful change-maker. The end of the song goes, "You put good in, and you get good out, spread it all around 'cause that's what it's all about"....and I was just singing along and grinning and this very chill calm came over me. It was like that still quiet voice said, "Keep doing what you're doing. It's all gonna be for good. Your heart is right. Your heart is in this. You love kids and you are truly doing this for the love of kids....." I was in the moment fully. Then, don't think I'm crazy....or do! I won't blame you! :) I reached for my phone, picked it up and starting videoing the console. YES. I KNOW. That's not cool and it's likely illegal I get that 100%. I didn't really "decide" to do it - my hand just did it. Then...."New Artist Spotlight" came on. I didn't know they had one. I didn't know it was going to be at that moment. And I SURE didn't know it would be me. SO...this is the shortened version of that video. It was the first time I'd ever heard my own voice on the radio, much less with a song I'd written. I've sung countless demos for country artists and watched those songs rise up the charts - celebrated every one!  I've sung backup for a slew of 'em too - even behind Gwenyth Paltrow in "Country Strong!"  ha ha - but I've NEVER heard my voice, with my song...and much less a song that encompasses a message I believe in with pure joy.  THIS SONG IS PURE JOY to me.  THANK YOU for listening to it, for requesting it, for dancing to it, and for having the courage to be beautiful amazing YOU.  Dreams do come true - they really do. 

News that we hit #1....captured on video!


Everyone loves a FREEBIE!!

Get your very own "Dare To Be Me" coloring sheets!

Do you have some kids at home that are needing something to do besides look at a screen for a bit? Do you have kids in your classroom who are fast finishers and LOVE to get creative? Well....print one or both of these and let me see your completed masterpieces! :)

DTBM Image 2 FREEBIE.png
Kaci Bolls (Feat. The Happy Racers) - Dare to Be Me

Click Here to get the single!

What do you get when you take years

of experience from a beloved

kindergarten teacher and combine it with

years of experience from a successful

performing singer/songwriter?


What if you spiced things up with:

the HEART of a Super Aunt

the CAN DO attitude of an ex-cheerleader

and the LOVE for ALL things FUN?

Well now...WATCH OUT!!

Your kids may love this music as much as YOU DO!

Listen for "Dare To Be Me" ft. The Happy Racers on a kids music station near YOU!